[Eisfair] [E1] rrdtool macht Probleme seit libart Update

Fabian Törner toerner at gmx.net
Mo Mai 6 21:55:31 CEST 2013

Hallo Marcus,

sorry Jungs bin für ein paar Tage ausgefallen :(

Am 03.05.2013 22:31, schrieb Marcus Roeckrath:
> Welche Paketversionen von rrdtool und libart setzt Du ein?
> (Auslesen aus /var/install/packages/libart bzw. rrdtool)
> ls -la /usr/lib/libart*

Welcome to eisfair!
base     : 2.0.4
eiskernel: 2.1.0 (2.6.32-eisfair-1-PAE)

eis # ls -la /usr/lib/libart*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    23 Dec  7 13:45 /usr/lib/libart_lgpl_2.so -> 
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    23 Dec  7 13:45 /usr/lib/libart_lgpl_2.so.2 -> 
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 84632 Dec  6  2005 /usr/lib/libart_lgpl_2.so.2.3.17

eis # cat /var/install/packages/libart
   <short>libart - A library for high-performance 2D graphics.</short>
   <author>Thomas Quast  eisfair(at)thquast.de</author>


     Libart is a library for high-performance 2D graphics. It is currently
     being used as the antialiased rendering engine for the Gnome Canvas.
     It is also the rendering engine for Gill, the Gnome Illustration app.

</package>eis # cat /var/install/packages/rrdtool
  <short>rrdtool - Round Robin Database</short>
  <author>Thomas Quast  eisfair(at)thquast.de</author>


     RRD is the Acronym for Round Robin Database. RRD is a system to store
     and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room
     temperature, server load average). It stores the data in a very
     compact way that will not expand over time, and it presents useful
     graphs by processing the data to enforce a certain data density. It
     can be used either via simple wrapper scripts (from shell or Perl) or
     via frontends that poll network devices and put a friendly user
     interface on it.


eis #

> Bekommst Du Mails vom eis (eisgraph cronjob) mit dem Inhalt:
> *** attempt to put segment in horiz list twice

"Leider" nein :)

Viele Grüße

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