[Eisfair] Mail Addon Certs

Marcus Roeckrath marcus.roeckrath at gmx.de
Fr Jan 15 20:45:12 CET 2016

Hallo Stefan,

Stefan Puschek wrote:

> auf einer Debian 8 Kiste (PPC) habe ich einen Eintrag in der crontab
> @reboot /pfad/zum/programm

Ja, so etwas hat auch unser fcron, mit etwas anderen Namen:

       shortcut command

       Below is a list of available shortcuts  with  their  fcron 
       "VIXIE  CRON  SHORTCUTS" shortcut: meaning: fcron equivalent:
       alternative: @reboot Run once,  at  startup 
       @yearly Run once a year 0 0 1 1 * @ 12m @annually (same as @yearly) 0
       1 1 * @ 12m @monthly Run once a month 0 0 1 * * @ 1m @weekly Run once
       week  0  0  *  *  0 @ 1w @daily Run once a day 0 0 * * * @ 1d
       (same as @daily) 0 0 * * *  @hourly Run once an hour 0 * * * * @ 1h

       A few examples:

       # run check_laptop_logs.sh at the first minute of every hour:
       @hourly check_laptop_logs.sh
       # run check_web_server.sh and check_file_server.sh every day at
       # midnight, both at the same time:
       @daily check_web_server.sh
       @daily check_file_server.sh
       # run compress_home_made_app_log_files.sh at exactly midnight
       # on the first day of every month:
       @monthly compress_home_made_app_log_files.sh

       However you might want to replace those task definitions  by 

       # run check_laptop_logs.sh after every hour of system up time:
       @ 60 check_laptop_logs.sh
       # run check_web_server.sh and check_file_server.sh every night
between midnight
       # and 3am, one by after the other:
       %nightly,serial * 0-3 check_web_server.sh
       %nightly,serial * 0-3 check_file_server.sh
       # Run compress_home_made_app_log_files.sh once a month, only at night
       # when the load is low:
       @monthly,lavg(0.5) * 21-23,0-5 * compress_home_made_app_log_files.sh

       Last,  but  not  least,  it  should be noted that tasks defined using
       Vixie cron shortcut will only have the same behaviour as in Vixie 
       if  they  are not modified by some earlier option definition. That
       be the case if you import a Vixie cron crontab into fcron without
       fication, or if you precede the task definition by a reset, e.g.:

       @ 10 fcron_task_1
       @ 25 fcron_task_2
       @reboot start_unprivileged_user_program
       @daily cleanup_tmp.sh

Gruss Marcus

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