[Eisfair] [e1] Server power lost - nun ein paar Fehler :(

Fabian Törner toerner at gmx.net
So Nov 4 13:43:55 CET 2018

Am 04.11.2018 um 13:17 schrieb Juergen Edner:

> stelle sicher, dass der redis-Dienst läuft.

okay - habe in den Logs geschaut:

│999:M 04 Nov 13:29:08.450 # Bad file format reading the append only 
file: make a backup of your AOF file, then use ./redis-check-aof --fix 

hat das Problem behoben:

eis # redis-check-aof --fix /var/redis/appendonly.aof
0x          14e657: Expected prefix '*', got: '
AOF analyzed: size=1371947, ok_up_to=1369687, diff=2260
This will shrink the AOF from 1371947 bytes, with 2260 bytes, to 1369687 
Continue? [y/N]: y
Successfully truncated AOF

/etc/init.d/redis status 
│redis-server is running with Process ID(s)  16695. 
│Press ENTER to continue

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